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sweet sand susan cinoman
all me all the time susan cinoman
love and class in connecticut susan cinoman
little sins susan cinoman
fitting rooms susan cinoman
beds susan cinoman
susan cinoman
susan cinoman
the bull susan cinoman
susan cinoman
susan cinoman



Sweet Sand

Sandy and Morgan, both attractive and seventeen, are set for a fun night at

their beach house in New Jersey. Morgan is a great student, Sandy is a little

prettier, but they have been best friends forever. Jimmy, a motorcycle-riding

bad boy who Sandy has secretly met,  comes over to pick up Sandy for a date

that Morgan knows nothing about. The evening changes Morgan and Sandy's

friendship, as they move toward adulthood.

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All Me, All the Time

Two girls party together on the night of their high school graduation

while the marriages of their parents unravel in suburban kitchens. 

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Love and Class in Connecticut

A dysfunctional family comedy, "Love and Class" centers on two sisters,

both vying for affection from their mother and the same man, although one is

already married to him. Post-partum lawyer, Jill, is hiding out in her mother's perfect

home in the Connecticut suburbs with her newborn, unable to cope. Suddenly her

beautiful, black-sheep of an artistic sister, Tina, shows up univited, to disrupt the proceedings. 

Jill's doctor-husband Frank suddenly arrives, too, and it's clear that Tina and Frank have had private relations (?!) of some kind. 

Helen does her level best to manipulate the entire family leading up to the baby's Naming Day, as everyone and everything spirals

out of control. 


Laugh out loud hilarious. And moving, too, as it involves casting off the yoke of a controlling Mom, learning how to love your

sibling again, and patching up the pieces of what was almost a broken marriage. Is that all? Oh, let's not forget, caring for

baby at the same time!

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Little Sins

An adulterous affair is derailed when the potential lovers compete over their children.

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Fitting Rooms

A widely produced all female comedy about the lives and relationships of six women
shopping in a tony Philadelphia boutique


"A great American One-Act."

- The Schreiber Times


"In the end, Fitting Rooms is a comedy about love."

- Howard Stein, Professor Emeritus, Yale Drama

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Gin and Bitters

Set in Philadelphia, "Gin and Bitters" is a comedy about pseudo marriage between
a gay writer who never writes and his actress roommate who is stuck in the past.


"A funy and mordant tale of love and denial." 
- Margo Jefferson, New York Times



Two couples couple and ucouple in two beds.


"A  witty take on infidelity."

Florida Gay News

Cinoman and Rebeck


     The Sin Eater of Cork
     The Bull
     Truth and Sex


"A fascinating look at the war between the sexes"



"Cinoman gets the evening off to an intriguing start...
 talent and promise." 

New York Times 


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